Minggu, 25 Agustus 2013

Reviews: Skin Care and BB Cream Samples

Good Evening Gals^^ 
So, holiday is over, and tomorrow I'm going to start my activity as a university student again. I couldn't believe that I'm a 3rd year student now. *sighed* time flies so fast... 
But I'm here not for complaining about my study. I'm here to review some samples that I bought and I get for free early this month from Intens Corner


Yes there is Lioele Beyond Solution, but I wouldn't review it now. Fyi, I purchased my Lioele Beyond Solution for only 100K! Yes dear, you didn't read it wrong. 100K for the full size. I wish I had more money because there were a lot of sale products that were very eye catching. 
So now let's review ALL the samples :D

1. Innisfree Soybean Energy Essence Sample in 1ml. 
This product is amazing! Not sticky, supple skin, brighten my dull skin in just few days, lighten dark spots, no fragrance at all, and it suit oily skin. However the only one problem is... the full size is pricey. *sighed* I think I'll repurchase this one. One sachet like that is only Rp. 3500. I can buy it a lot :D One sachet could last 2-3 days. love it so~ much :D

2. Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum Sample in 1ml.
I also love this one. This serum isn't fragrance free but the smell isn't that annoying. the consistency is gel-like but a bit runny. This product really suit my oily-acne prone skin. I apply this serum on my acne at night, and it heals my acne :D one sachet of sample could last few days :D love it! Gotta repurchase this :)

3. Etude House Nutrifull Shea Butter Cream in 1ml.
This cream is very rich. Anyone with dry skin will love this cream because it moisture and supple your skin. It has a very good fragrance and the consistency is a very thick cream. I recommend this for those with dry skin because people with oily skin will find it too heavy. It's really hot in summer and when I use this product my face became very oily.

4. The Skin Food Watery Berry Serum in 1ml.
I don't find this serum really special. It has a very nice fragrance and the consistency isn't as gel-like as Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum.

5. Innisfree Eco Science Wrinkle Spot Essence in 1ml. 
I use this as eye cream and it is very moisturizing. It gives you cool sensation and the fragrance is very refreshing. It helps my dark circle, but I don't see it gives a very significant impact. It could last days because I only use it as eye cream :)

6. Missha Choboyang Toner and Emulsion in Travel Size 5ml.
These are oriental herb skincare products that I try and I have to say that these products are Daebak!  Yes, I love them! Even though these products will suit those with normal to dry skin, I found it really suit my skin condition. They don't break me out. The scent is a bit strange because they smell like herb medicine.  The consistency of the toner is quick-absorb gel-like consistency, while the emulsion is a very light cream that is not sticky. The full size of both products are pricey.

7. Missha Complexion Coordinating BB Cream Beige in 1ml.
I was afraid that this bb cream wouldn't suit my skintone, however, this could match my skintone very well. This BB Cream has very high spf, 43spf/pa+++. It claims
"Flawless Skin Complexion BB Cream to create a sleek skin correcting flaws."
It has medium coverage, so it doesn'y really cover my blemishes. It doesn't break me out, but I just couldn't stand the whitecast and the glowy effect.

8. Etude House Cotton Fit BB Cream W13 in 1ml.
I fall in love with this BB Cream at the very first sight. It last all day, waterproof, sweatproof, great coverage, matte finish, good oil control, SPF30 and doesn't break me out. I have to buy the full size.

So, that's all for today :)
I'll be back soon^^



Hey girls! This is me again, admin R hehe :)
just like i'm saying before, i will do some review about my daily make up product.
The most important for my looks is EYELINER. Eyeliner just like another mate for me (i cannot live without my eyeliner T_T)
Right now, i'm using SILKY GIRL DOUBLE INTENSE GEL EYELINER number 1 as my daily eyeliner.

It cost around IDR 45.000 and it's easy to buy, easy to use. I'm using this since 6 month ago, i'm using this eyeliner everyday and it's durable. I haven't change it since i'm using it :)
Just a simple use to your eyes then it will change your look lol XD
this is the unboxing version of this product
it's easy to carry too :) it won't spill out because it's a gel eyeliner right. But don't put it too thick or it will spill out to your eyes.

Pro :

  1. Simple
  2. Easy to use
  3. Cheap
  4. Easy to buy
  5. Fit teenagers well
  6. Long lasting
Contra :
  1. It's not a waterproof eyeliner
  2. Sometimes it spill out to the side of your eyes
And this is the result of me using this eyeliner ^^
That's all for my eyeliner review. Note it : be careful when you're choosing a beauty product for your skin^^
Don't dare using too much product if your skin is sensitive okay^^

Enjoy Reading!
Stay Beauty!<3



Hello girls. This is admin R ! :)
I will do some posting today about a beauty product i'm using right now. First, i'll be doing the review for my daily mosturizer.
Right now i'm using ETUDE HOUSE Dear Girls Be Clear Moisturizer SPF 30/PA++
This moisturizer suits well for a teenager girls. It has a whitening side too so our skin will look brighter after using this moisturizer. I already loves this product since the first i'm using this because my mom and friends told me my skin looks much much better after using this product lol xD
So, here is the unboxing version of this product.

I love the packaging too. The packaging is simple but easy to use and it doesn't spill out too much when you're using it.
Please note : since this moisturizer has a whitening effect, don't put it too much to your skin. It will makes your skin dryer and SOOOO BRIGHT hahahaha just simply put it on your face <3
And so, this is the preview before & after using the moisturizer
See the difference? my skin looks so pale and terrible before using the moisturizer, but after using it, my skin looks firmer and bright ^^
I recommend this moisturizer for a girls start from 17 years old. It will cover your dry skin well^^

Hope you like the review and yea i'm sorry for my bad english HAHAHA =))
Enjoy reading!
Stay Beauty! <3


Sabtu, 24 Agustus 2013


Hello readers !
This is my first product review for this beauty blog :)
This Is. Wardah Pure Olive Oil ( you can find this at wardah store, guardian, watson, etc)

i've been using this product for almost 2 months and i really love this olive oil.
why i'm using this olive oil? my face skin type is kinda too dry for a normal skin, and i've been searching through internet a tips to solve a dry skin problem, and one of the tips said you need to use olive oil more often to your skin. And so i'm choosing this one.
After using it a few times, it works. My face looks not too dry as before but don't put too much facial wash after using this olive oil.
So, i highly recommend this product for you who has the same problem with me xD
The price for this product around IDR.15000-IDR 40.000
Well that's all for the wardah pure olive oil review from me, hope it will help you guys :)
Stay beauty!