Jumat, 26 Juni 2015

Review: Revlon Colorstay Combination/Oily Skin Foundation SPF 15 (220 Natural Beige) and Revlon PhotoReady Two Way SPF 19 (001 Ivory)

Hola, niñas! 
On this occasion I will review other products from Revlon, the foundation. I was hunting a durable foundation in my oily skin but does not make white-cast. I need foundie that really gives long lasting for all day wear. After browsing and asking here and there, I finally decided to buy foundation from Revlon; Revlon ColorStay for Combination or Oily Skin. Gonna make this review shortly as previously Riztrya already reviewed the same product, the difference is the type of product, Riztrya choose Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Normal / Dry Skin. Revlon ColorStay Foundation for Normal / Dry Skin has 12 shades of color choices, while Revlon ColorStay for Combination or oily skin has more color choices, i.e. 20 shades. Riztrya and I picked the same shade; Natural Beige. It's match for Indonesian's skin (kuning langsat). And, for the normal / dry skin, SPF on Revlon Colorstay would be higher than for combination / oily skin. It because SPF also works to balance the oil levels for the skin.

Here we go!

This packaging makes bloggers all around the world complain. Impractical at all! Foundation better with a pump. And, it can be very vulnerable when poured, come out too much. It also has very large hole -___-. The cap of the bottle used the threaded models. This cap also would be a disaster called "spilled in the bag" because sometime I twisted the cap less tight.

This foundation is quiet watery, creamy and the texture isn't too thick as BB Cream. So more easily assimilated and leveled in the skin. This foundation has medium-high coverage. If used daily, for me that non-daily user foundation, it's quite heavy. But if you want to use it daily, you can use with a small amount ;)

Left: My bare face without Revlon Colorstay Foundation | Right: With Revlon Colorstay Foundation

As you can see, Revlon Colorstay can't cover all of my pimples. But for me, it's fair enough. You need powder after use this foundation. I'm using Revlon Photoready Two Way Powder Foundation in Ivory shade, the brightest shade. Tips: if you pick a darker shade (darker than your face color) for your face foundation, then for your finishing powder / compact, you can pick a brighter one. I bought the refill (IDR 125k+sponge), cause the whole packaging (sponge+mirror) is IDR 175k. it's only give a mirror and you should add 50k. Geez nooo :p

I'm not going to give a lot of comments for the packaging, because I bought her Refill packs. But the soft sponge, can elevate powder well and can blend the powder into the skin well. If usually I prefer to use the brush for TWC applications, for Revlon PhotoReady Two Way Powder Foundation  It isn't the problem anyway using its sponge. Because the results are smooth and natural as well.

According Revlon site, this PhotoReady line's product has been tested with under natural lighting and space, and also below the camera lens with high resolution, the result is the face skin looks smoother. TWC is equipped with Photochromatic pigments that blend and refract light. Extra fine powder, its coverage of medium to full with a light texture and a soft matte final result. Also comes with SPF 19. Oh yes, this powder is also oil free and fragance free.

Left: Bare Face | Right: After used Revlon Colorstay and Revlon Photoready Two Way Powder
Natural and light to use it everyday, but still flatten the skin color, cover the lightly stain and eyebag, as well as make the skin look smoother.

Pros Revlon Colorstay Foundation:
  1. Liquid texture, easy to blend in 
  2. Good staying power 
  3. Good oil control (although for my skin still need primer on the T-zone)
  4. Medium to full coverage
  5. Affordable, compare to other variants / brands (IDR 130k/30ml) 
  6. Has a SPF (low SPF = less-white cast)
  7. Has no annoying fragrance 
  8. Provides many variant shade for you skin colour
Cons  Revlon Colorstay Foundation:
  1. It didn't come with a pump
  2. It might not be used daily
Pros Revlon Photoready Two Way Powder Foundation:
  1. Blendable
  2. Longlasting 
  3. Do not give a cakey feel 
  4. Conceal pores and under eye area. 
  5. Double function as a foundation too (use a damp sponge). 
  6. The sponge has a good quality  
  7. Fragrance free
  8. Natural matte finish
 Cons Revlon Photoready Two Way Powder Foundation:
  1. Expensive :')

You can find those products easily, because Revlon almost has a stand in every mall in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, etc. Happy trying, niñas! See you in next post.