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Tutorial: How to Contour and Highlight for Beginners

Hi, niñas!

You absolutely know the trend of contouring and highlighting. It becomes so popular when one of hollywood star, Kim Kardashian, posted her contour-style-makeup. So, start with the question: what's the benefit of makeup contouring? Makeup benefit with contouring technique proved to be extremely amazing. Not many people who understand this technique so not many people who can feel the efficacy of this technique in face contouring. Women are not always born with the perfect face shape so many women are not satisfied with the shape of their face. With these contouring techniques you can hide parts of the face that does not want to expose that will shape the face of a beautiful and perfect. The good news is, the contouring technique is not as difficult as you imagine :D

Curious about the contouring techniques huh? Contouring only requires two concealer or foundation with two colors; dark colors like brown and bright or white (highlighter). Well, with concealer or dark foundation color you can hide the face that you won't to show and the white color would you like to highlight that make your face perfect. For example, when you give the effect of shade on the bottom of the cheek, then you can give a highlight on the top. Or if you provide shade on the brow bone area, then you can give a highlight under the brow so that the eyes look bigger.For the nose area, the goal is that the nose contouring look slim, so you can provide shade on both sides of the nose. Blend bronzer on both sides, then use the highlights from the middle of the nose area to the bottom. On the cheeks, if you want your cheekbones look firm and camouflage "cheek bag" use a darker shade on skin from the cheek bone area up to the ear. Then give the highlights on the top of the cheekbones and don't forget to give a blush on. If you have any hollow cheeks or small, use highlights from the middle of the cheek until the middle of the lower lip.
To camouflage a double chin, use makeup bronzer from around the jaw line continues down to the side of your neck. This application will be very helpful to create the impression your firmly jaw. But don't forget to provide shade as well on the whole area of the neck, so that the color of the neck and face blended well. So it does not look like a mask. 

For the brow area, if you have a wide forehead, use makeup bronzer with bright colors in the area T and blend. In this way will give a shadow effect, so it can be looked a rounder head.

In the eye area, do contouring by giving shade from the back corner of the eye all the way to around the area T. Where has dark eye circles, use a concealer with a light peach or salmon color shade to neutralize the dark color of the eyes.

According to teenvogue.com, celebrity makeup pro Pati Dubroff says, "Contours are meant to be matte, while highlight is meant to have shimmer. Texture is key." So, choose matte bronzer and shimmery highlighter. :)

Source: beautyworldnews.com
I would give you link below to connect with my make up tutorial's video (in Bahasa). Some of you girls may still confuse about how to contouring and highlighting. Then, here you go, check our video out. May it helps you!


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