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Review: MAC Matte Lipstick

Hi, niñas!
So today's review about high end lipstick product from famous brand; MAC Matte Lipstick. For those who loves makeup, MAC is certainly name of makeup brand that sound familiar. But, unfortunately a famous brand (in Indonesia especially), there are many fake products of its. Most people who doesn't understand the makeup will buy a fake product cause it makes they're cool. Of course the fake makeups will be sold at cheaper price. For them, the important thing is they used a MAC product without know the contents. Whereas in the fake makeup we don't know what it implies. If I personally, I don't want to make my lips damaged. I prefer not to wear lipstick rather than having to buy a fake lipstick. I would buy a local brand which has certain contents. I bought my MAC lipsticks around 275k at trusted online shop (here).

So let's start review them!

Here is the packaging

The shades
For the packaging of MAC lipstick looks elegant. From the outside to the packaging box wrapped with black color gives the impression of luxury and expensive.They are like bullets anyway lol.

When the cap is opened, it will show you the color of the lipstick. The MAC lipstick has a distinctive scent like vanilla fragrance.

Left to Right: Ruby Woo, Kinda Sexy, Please Me, Velvet Teddy, Whirl

When I swatch them on my lips:


FYI, Ruby Woo is Retro Matte finish and four else are Matte finish. Both of the matte finishes represented in the collection are flat, meaning that they shine very little, or not at all, on the lips, but the finishes aren’t the same. The Retro Mattes are more extremely flat than their regular Matte. IMO, the Retro Mattes also feels drier than the regular Mattes. It makes my lips a little “wet” and thick to me.

I would like to describe each shade of my MAC Matte Lipstick:

#1 Ruby Woo

Ruby Woo is vivid blue-red with Retro Matte finish which makes my teeth appear whiter :D. It has a very matte texture, not glide smoothly on lips. So if you have a dry lips, before you applied on your lips, you could put a lipbam first. There is no reason not to love this legendary Ruby Woo. Even it is blue-based red, it also looks stunning on them whose warm skin tone. Don't worry to wear red lipstick. If the color fits on you, it will help to brighten up your skin tone.

#2 Kinda Sexy

Kinda Sexy is neutral pinky-rose. It's one of the best-selling shades from MAC. I am a lover of nude lipstick although nowadays I like the bold lips. Other beauty bloggers say if Kinda Sexy is the champion of nude color lipstick. Kinda Sexy is well combine with the smokey eyes makeup.

#3 Please Me

Please Me is muted-rosy-tinted pink. It is a pigmented rosy pink. It has a beautiful matte finish so there are no shimmers nor any shine. Please Me seems has a different formula with Ruby Woo. It was not drying, even on my dry lips. Although when you see my lips on pic, seems to be completely dry, it's because I have not exfoliated my lips before wear lipstick. For me, Please Me feels a little heavy on the lips when 30-60 minutes application. After that though, it changed become light and not heavy anymore. Please Me glide easily on my lips without any tugging.

#4 Velvet Teddy

Velvet Teddy is matte deep-toned beige. MAC Velvet Teddy's texture is creamy and full coverage. Even nude lipstick but it's not too pale. When applied on the lips, it's really smooth, creamy, and immediately covered the color of your lips perfectly. I think Velvet Teddy will be great with dramatic eye makeup or thicker blush/contouring. Durability is also okay, after eating a bit faded but did not completely disappeared.

#5 Whirl

Whirl is dirty rose matte finish. This kinda shade is famous because of Kylie Jenner. Go search "Kylie Jenner Lipstick" on Pinterest or Google, Whirl is going to come out. It is a lovely warm brownish medium toned plum color that makes for a really soft daytime look pulled together. No shine or sheen whatsoever. You can wear this everyday with everything, with any makeup look. 

  • It's worth the price 
  • Highly pigmented 
  • Not cracking 
  • Keeps my lips moist 
  • Good coverage 
  • Can last for more than 6 hours on my lips 
  • Has many shades 
  •  In Indonesia, MAC has limited shades

See you on the next post. Happy New Year, niñas! :* 


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